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Use Cases


Create Center of Excellence

  • Enhance shop floor camaraderie

  • Circulate maintenance best practices across plant locations

  • Improve throughput through timely troubleshooting

  • Ensure seamless knowledge sharing between veterans and new recruits

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Improvement of throughput through timely troubleshooting via
BHyve’s Buzz box.

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Ensure Quality and Speed

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Information Technology 

  • Facilitate seamless code sharing and code testing

  • Accelerate speed of delivery

  • Safeguard against talent attrition

  • Organize systematic onboarding of fresh talent

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Faster deployment of code 

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Boost Innovation and Sales

  • Enhance sales outcomes of medical representatives through shared best practices

  • Unleash innovation in Research and Development

  • Standardize quality across facilities through effective knowledge sharing

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Faster reply to sales queries.

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Banking, Financial Services
and Insurance

Make Critical Knowledge Available Instantly 

  • Empower customer success roles through timely guidance

  • Share market insights that help new product development

  • Enhance sales through connected learning and just-in-time inputs

  • Ensure timely compliance through shared best practices

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Time saved by Customer Success team to solve customer queries.

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Professional Services

Unlock Human Intelligence

  • Build mentoring bridges between seniors with experience and juniors with potential

  • Maintain and nurture good talent to remain competitive

  • Enhance outcomes of complex projects with the help of organized company knowledge

  • Maximize resource time by introducing just-in-time learning

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Faster new employee onboarding.


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