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Well, Not Anymore...

BHyve captures tribal knowledge shared everywhere and shares
it with employees when they need it the most.

Save employee’s times looking for solutions

BHyve understands the employee’s questions and provides them with the right answer, from the right source in seconds.

Crowdsource Innovation by leveraging Tacit knowledge

Capture employee’s best practice, knacks, know hows and insights. Make them available to all employees in real time.

Reduce employee burnout, increase engagement

By gamifying knowledge sharing and upskilling, employees are more engaged at the workplace and conditioned to succeed

Create a culture of Peer Learning and Mentoring

Enable employees to learn from each other and launch an employee mentoring program at a click of a button.

Upskill and reskill your employees through trainings

Create engaging and interactive trainings , courses and assessments. Deliver them at scale to your employees in a fun.

Make intelligent decisions through talent insights

Understand knowledge gaps, identify knowledge experts and reduce knowledge attrition when employees leave your organisation.

The Future of Work Suite



Connecting Employees to Internal Knowledge and Experts in real time

An Internal 'Quora'

Employees get their questions answered from internal experts instantly.

End Repetitive Questions

As employees input their questions, we are able to show that have similar questions been answered before.

Find the exact answer from internal knowledge

Understanding the employee's question, BHyve finds if the answer has been documented in any existing knowledge.

Recommended questions

Questions that employees are most likely to ask are answered prehand and served on a platter!


Knowledge Passport

Create Digital Skill Identities for All your Employees

Your BHyve Ticket

Employees can discover mentors, relevant knowledge, Organisational Hierarchy, and relevant training on the basis of their Skill Passports.

Validate Employee Skills

Get employees skills validated by their peers and managers on the basis of their knowledge contribution and trainings completed.

Employee Skill Inventory

Understand what skills and knowledge your employees have and to what extent. Effectively take hiring decisions based on Skill Inventory

A Trump Card !

Empower employees to highlight their skills, achievements, and endorsements. The Employee Skill Passport defacto becomes a badge of Honour.

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Shine the spotlight on your Subject Matter Experts and spread their knowledge org-wide


Enable Subject Matter Experts to host expert classes live on BHyve so their colleagues get to interact with senior leaders and domain experts on topics of importance.


Allow leaders to host AMAs, fireside chats, townhalls and company all-hands to build a two-way information channel between leaders and employees.


Search results to yield specific video content in seconds where users can find information from relevant masterclass videos.

Effective Learning

Learning from Subject Matter Experts and their experiences is 5X more effective than learning from an LMS

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Deliver Contextual Training based on Employee Knowledge Needs


Based on Employee's Knowlege seeking and sharing behavior, direct them to internal training through a powerful LMS

Create and Track

Learning Managers can create content, set up assessments, track progress, send reminders, and measure completion.


Employees can attend mandatory online training, attempt tests and report their performance.


HR teams can download metrics of all LMS activity, understand top performers, schedule retests and determine the plan of action for structured classroom style training for employees.

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Every Knowledge Sharing action earns you Buzzpoints and Rewards

Get Rank on Leaderboard

Earning a spot on the leaderboard will encourage employees to share more in knowledge.

Acknowledge your employees

Encourages individuals to work better by placing them in the spotlight

Win with streaks

Start your streak by deciding which days you'll share knowledge and how many actions you'll take each day.

Get Validation

Appreciation validate employees skills and motivate them to upskills.

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Map out learning paths, create and evaluate goals, and analyze skills.

Discover talented employees

Find and promote the talent within the organization with BHyve.

Better decision Making

Analytics help you to invest in the potential of others and make intelligent decisions.

Bridge Knowledge Gap

Can detect any knowledge gaps in the organisation and overcome them.

Detailed Reports

Get in-depth reports on the implementation of learning programmes and about the company's knowledge mapping.

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Mentors Matchmaking

Build knowledge bridges between employees and facilitate a robust Peer to Peer Knowledge Transfer.

Knowledge Transfer

An interactive chatbox is used to encourage peer-to-peer knowledge transfer.

AI Recommendation system

BHyve's advance recommendation system, which then suggests peers who would make the perfect mentors for you.

Collaborate to learn

Choose the skill you wish to acquire, choose a mentor you like, and approach them to collaborate with you.

Compensate your employees

The learning and teaching efforts of employees are rewarded.

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Peer Recognition

Give both monetary and non-monetary awards to the organization's top achievers in order to recognise them.

Encourage your employees

Encourages employees to work harder by focusing a special emphasis on them.

Appreciate peers with badges

The badges that employees receive are displayed on their knowledge passports


Peers get more invested in their learning when you make your company's learning system a game

Public Recognition

Gives employees the opportunity to get public recognition and draws more attention to them individually

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Employee Wisdom Wiki

Empower Employees to share their best practices, insights, knacks and know-hows to build Shared Knowledge.

Incorporate knowledge

Increase the workflow's effectiveness by incorporating employee knowledge.

No time constraint

Any contributed knowledge will always be accessible on the platform and has no time limit.

Knowledge repository

Even if someone searches for a certain piece of knowledge after a few years, they can still locate it.

Recommend relevant Knowledge

Our cutting-edge AI recommendation system provides each employee with a customised blend of knowledge depending on their skills.

You are in great company

Industries we love working with

We have been a game changer for enterprises in these industries



  • Ensure work never gets duplicated, ever.
  • No knowledge loss even after the employee leaves.
  • Spend less time searching and more time consulting.


  • Create a center of excellence for best practices.
  • Remove knowledge gaps throughout the value chain.
  • Democratize knowledge across plants and factories.

Delivery Centers

  • Solve customer's queries at lightning speed.
  • Reduce delivery agents asking for repetitive questions.
  • Shorten employee onboarding from weeks to days.


  • Protect senior engineers from distracting ad hoc questions.
  • Reduce the onboarding time of new developers significantly.
  • Smash deadlines and ship bug-free products faster.

Banking & Insurance

  • Deliver field agents accurate knowledge of the flow of work.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by standardizing processes.
  • Crowdsource market insights across delivery locations.

Legal Firms

  • Save time searching for legal precedents and experts.
  • Reuse your top attorney Collective Wisdom.
  • Effectively document case learnings and recycle them.

Supercharge your Teams

See how BHyve is a fit for your departments


Resolve Objections, and customer queries and shorten the sales cycle by leveraging the shared intelligence of your entire sales department.


Improve code quality, build stable products and ship them faster through real-time troubleshooting and employee peer learning networks.

Human Resources

Onboard employees faster, create a self-serving resolution hub and provide them with all the knowledge they need to get in the flow of work at their fingertips.

Customer Success

Increase FCR instances and reduce your AHT significantly as your customer success associates have the knowledge they needed to resolve queries.


Gather market insights and build knowledge bridges between the product and sales team to deliver key collaterals across stakeholders at lightning speed.


Gather market insights and build knowledge bridges between the product and sales team to deliver key collaterals across stakeholders at lightning speed.

kranti munje

Kranti Munje



mayuk dasgupta

Dr. Mayuk Dasgupta

Head - Digital Capability Building & HRBP Downstream, Hindalco

vikas bhatia

Vikas Bhatia

Managing Director, Rieco Industries

We were forced to work in a disintegrated manner because of the Pandemic. But with BHyve’s ability to capture tacit knowledge, This made our business growth very easy and helped create Bandwidth for our leaders.

“BHyve has been transformational to help a large corporation like Hindalco drive a cultural change of sharing Knowledge.”

“We have been using BHyve's excellent knowledge management platform, and now our employees are aware of the knowledge and skills that they can provide each other, they are collaborating more and sharing their expertise and skills.”

Integrate BHyve seamlessly with tools and platforms you use everyday.