Your Skill Passport on BHyve

Your Skill Passport is your gateway to an exciting learning experience. It is your most unique identity at the workplace. Let's walk through how to build your Skill Passport

Step 1: Login

Your BHyve login is connected to your official company login. You can use the same email address and password to log in to your BHyve profile.

Each organization will get their own custom domain to log into its company profile. 

To access your company BHyve, type in - https://<company name>


Step 2: Profile Details

Once you log into your BHyve profile, you can see your basic information on the profile page. 

All the information that we collect here, helps us enhance your BHyve experience. For more information on how we store and use Data, you can read our Terms and Conditions

Step 3: Adding your Skills

Now, start adding your Skills to your profile! Choose skills that are most relevant to your work and start adding them to your profile. 

For example: for a mid-level Digital Marketing Associate, their relevant skills would be SEO, Social Media Marketing, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Content Writing, Public Speaking, Digital Media etc. They may also be interested in Cricket, or Gardening, or playing the Bongo. Make sure to add as many skills as you can, for an enriching experience on BHyve.

With each skill, you need to add your level of proficiency. This helps us customise your learning experience better. You can choose on our graph from a  Beginner, Proficient, Advanced to an Expert. 

Step 4: Adding your Interests

After listing your skills, you reach the most important part of your profile, the Interests section.

Here, you get to choose categories and topics that you are interested in learning about. The topics you choose here will determine your learning journey and your entire experience on BHyve.

You can always revisit your choices and change things in the future.

Edit Profile

In case if you feel like changing your interests later,you can revisit your choices and  edit your interests on “edit profile” once your Bhvye profile is ready.

Your Skill Passport is your unique identity on BHyve. So keep it updated by adding skills, interests, work experience, contact information and basic details. Your profile will also reflect your current points and badges earned.

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