Rewards and Recognition


BHyve loves seeing you learn and share knowledge. That's why, every time you do any knowledge-seeking or knowledge sharing activities, you win Points!

These Points will be reflected on your Profile and the company-wide Leaderboard!


The Leaderboard is the central points hub, where you can see overall standings of all your colleagues, based on interactions, questions asked, knowledge published, collaborations,etc 

You can also see emerging subject matter experts, people rising quickly in the company rankings, and cheer your friends at the workplace.



When you learn a skill, or gain knowledge from a colleague, you can endorse them for that skill. This is a great way to show feedback, appreciation and acknowledgement of their effort and their capabilities.

There are 2 ways to endorse a peer on BHyve. 

1. Endorsement through Chat

Once you enjoy learning from a peer, you can endorse them from your personal one-on-one chat. To endorse a peer, click on the button next to their name. Select the Endorse option from the menu and pick the skill you want to endorse them for. 

2. Endorsement through Skill Passport

You can also endorse a peer by visiting their Skill Passport. In their profile, click on the skill you would like to endorse them for. Select Endorse from the list of menu items. 


While giving an endorsement you have to rate your peer on 3 parameters -

  1. Capability

  2. Did this solve my need?

  3. Communication


Ratings received are reflected next to the skill name in the user Skill Passport. All ratings are averages, so they only get activated after 3 endorsements have been received for a skill.


Badges are a fun way to express recognition for a peer! Peers form an important part of your work experience - as friends, mentors, good bosses, great colleagues and successful team members.

With BHyve Badges you can express your appreciation of your colleagues whenever you feel.

Every user can gift up to 10 badges a month. You cannot gift the same badge to a person twice.

Recognition Feed

The Recognition Feed is the amalgamation of your Endorsements, Badges and Recommendations. View this to see who are the emerging stars of your organisations, Subject Matter Experts, the most active and helpful peers, and reach out to them to grow and collaborate even better!

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