Learning on BHyve

BHyve’s Discover Feed is your curated social learning experience based on the interests you’ve selected  On this, our personalised recommendations algorithm offers an assortment of avenues to learn from.

Your Discover feed will give you access to;

  1. Ask

  2. Mentors

  3. Knowledge


Stuck at a particular concept or task and need some quick assistance? On BHyve, you can reach out to subject matter experts for quick help anytime using our Ask Feed

To post a question, click on the “Ask a Question” button. Fill in the details, including the title and body content. Add the specific hashtags that would be relevant to the question you want to ask.

Once you post your question, our AI scans across your company BHyve to find the most relevant subject matter experts and nudges them, to get you answers, instantly.

You will also receive requests from fellow colleagues, which you can access in the Collaboration Requests tab, from your Chat

BHyve’s Ask Feed is a great way to know who are ardent learners as well as eager tutors in your organization. The Ask Feed shows you questions and answers posted by your colleagues across the organization. This is also a great way to discover internal domain experts with whom you can interact to build your competence in a subject.



One of the most effective learning methods is to learn from the experiences of your colleagues. 

BHyve’s sharp recommendation algorithm understands your skills, learning interests, learning preferences, development plans, habits and behaviours to suggest peers who are best suited to be mentors to you.

So go ahead and browse through your list of suggested Mentors. Once you finalise a Mentor you like, click on the skill that you want to learn, and send them a collaboration request.

You get a notification once they accept your request, and that’s how you begin your collaborative learning journey.


The Knowledge Feed is your way to discover as well as contribute to your company’s wisdom wiki. This is where you can find best practices, notes, presentations, reports, tips and tricks that your colleagues publish, as ready knowledge to learn from. Our algorithm publishes knowledge that you will find helpful to the top of your page. You can browse through knowledge and share your appreciation in the form of likes and comments.

To publish and share your knowledge, click on “Create”

Add a title, add body content, attach documents, images or videos that best capture your intelligence in a simple blog format.

After you preview your content, make sure you add the right skill hashtags, to improve our recommendations and make sure your knowledge reaches the right people.

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