This makes the employee feel

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We help Employees to SHARE 
Colleagues for

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and Corporations suffer

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Knowledge Attrition

Steep Learning Curve

Poor Performance 

How BHyve helps you

Employee Peer
Learning Network 
Enable employees to learn from each other in fun and gamified ways. Peer Learning is twice more and effective and fun!
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Get help from Internal Subject Matter Experts
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Employee wisdom Wikipedia
Best Practices 
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Success Stories 
Ensure Employee Engagement
and Productivity
Experiential Learning
Knaks and know hows
Troubleshooting Hacks

Companies which Love Us

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How can you Benefit
Make Corporate Silos Disappear
End repetition at work
Curb Knowledge Attrition
Gamify Knowledge Sharing
BHyve's centralized Knowledge Wiki cuts silos and activates information flow across your organization.
BHyve creates a dynamic FAQ, and makes company knowledge accessible. So your employees don't waste time looking for answers.
Employees leaving is expensive, in both time and money. We make it less bad by ensuring their knowledge is retained.
Motivate employees using BHyve's gamification, where all knowledge sharing and seeking earns points and rewards.
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Hear from people like you
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Bhyve has been transformational to help a large

corporation like Hindalco drive a cultural change

of sharing Knowledge.

Mayuk Dasgupta, Hindalco Industries

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Easy to Deploy and Highly Customizable 
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Integrates Seamlessly into your HRMS
Be it any HRMS/HRIS,
We are able to integrate into your system by creating SSO
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Highly Customizable and Tailor Fitted to your Needs
Customise the platform according Brand
colours, integrate the Skills. This also
includes a custom mobile application
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A Dedicated Success Manager to
help you launch, guide and ensure
smooth adoption of the platform.
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Dedicated Success Manager

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We're creating a lot of Buzz
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